Friday, June 24, 2011

The French Wedding...In Detail

So...I was asked to officiate the wedding of Jennifer and Thomas (the S is silent) in Provence a few weeks back...I got ordained online (was FREE, but I splurged on the $14.99 kit that arrived with ID card and Marriage Certificate!). Anyway, I used an iPad to read from and to take video and photos of the ceremony. The photos tell the story...I hope you like melon.

Filming the bride's entrance on the iPad (like my white suit?)

You can watch the video I shot HERE.

The 1st of 3 custom rituals invented for the occasion (honoring the location of the wedding (Cavaillon, the melon capital of Europe): The feeding of the fresh Cavaillon Melon

And, why not serve it to the 150 guests too?

That's me in the back gettin tanked on the Melanis (Housemade Melon Liquer from Jean-Jacques Prevot's Restaurant). For the 2nd ritual in the ceremony, I had the bride and groom each drink some from our sacred chalice.

A little product placement

Standard-issue foot garments for melon priests

So...I couldn't stop

Me n Alli

The much-anticipated French dessert buffet, featuring macarons and choux

It's official

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