Friday, September 16, 2011

Governor's Island Food RFP for 2012 Available Now

Leslie just released the food vendor RFP for 2012. Worth taking a look at if you are looking for opportunities for next year...

The Trust for Governors Island is pleased to announce that it will be soliciting proposals for temporary food on Governors Island for the 2012 public season.

Over the last five years, Governors Island has been transformed from an abandoned military installation to vital part of New York City. The island is now visited by more than 450,000 people during the 60-day public season.

Each day during the public season, thousands of New Yorkers board ferries to the Island and stay for several hours, enjoying all kinds of recreational and cultural activities (or just enjoying inactivity in some cases). As with all places that New Yorkers gather, food is a big part of the day. Some visitors bring their own food, but most visitors are eager to purchase a range of satisfying, delicious, healthful, and affordable food from vendors on the Island. As with everything on the Island, tastes are as diverse as New Yorkers themselves. The focus of activity on the Island is always about things that are fun, interesting, friendly, and adventurous, and the food should reflect this same focus.

The Trust's highest priority in this RFP is to award food vending permits to vendors who provide high-quality food that reflects the diversity of New York, and of Governors Island's visitors and their appetites. The RFP is available for download and responses are due on November 14, 2011.

If you are a vendor, we look forward to your interest. If you have a favorite vendor, restaurant, or food destination, please print out or forward a copy of the RFP and encourage them to submit a response.

Any questions about the RFP can be emailed to goodfood @

Jonathan Meyers, COO, Trust for Governors Island

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